Monday, November 23, 2015


"They are pretty - but what do you do with them?" I was asked. They are Christmas decoration. Just to look at and be pretty. And they will make great little gifts. 

But I think I am done with them for this year.  Maybe off to something practical.

Happy Quilting everyone. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Token of my appreciation

Quite unexpectedly I received this very nice book about quilting stitches for my birthday.

I quickly made a small cosmetic bag as a thank you. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Instructions for a log cabin santa were published recently on fb here is my first version.

Cucito Creativo

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bag No 2

Class went so quickly I had to sew another bag to recap the steps. I choose left over fabric from the celtic solstice quilt and black for the inside and the handles. This is more the size of a normal purse.

Winter Mystery - kick off

The quilting highlight of the year is Bonnie Hunter's mystery

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Today we had a fun class making a basic bag with lining and a dividable zipper. I picked the biggest version using industrial fabric used for upholstery.  The teacher suggested in add in a little brown trim in between the bottom and the bag. It looks very good. Another lady suggested to use open face seam on the handles. The green material was too tough to fold multiple times. All in all it turned out alright.

or for Dustin the bear

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Log Cabin

A few short weeks ago there was a mail order sale on jelly rolls from Laundry Basket's Sticks and Stones. We met Michael  from Laundry Basket Quilts in Val d'Argent September 2014. He is such a nice man and he was very helpful and informative. I love Edyta's work and her colours. She exhibited  several quilts there.

To make a long story short I jumped on the offer and I thought this could be a lovely quick and easy log cabin quilt.  I was gifted  Veronika Busse's book  a couple of years ago on how to make a log cabin factory style quickly.
Well, this was an opportunity to learn! The log cabin can be sewn clockwise or counter clockwise it took me backwards sewing of about 10 blocks until I got it right. Veronica suggests to just sew on a long strip of fabric and cut afterwards. This worked nicely but then I read Judy Martin's ideas on log cabin and decided to be more exact and cut the strips to the expected length 4.5", 6.5" and so on. This worked better for me. But now a new problem reared its ugly head. While a jelly roll is convenient the strips are a bit wider than I had desired.  I was looking for a strong contrast and opted to use blue and brown as my darks. The medium colours are always giving my trouble. By now my husband got interested in the project and he wanted it big and bigger and encouraged my to buy more material. I was running out on my two jelly rolls. Well, I lucked out and got my next two jelly rolls at a special as well. Now I had plenty of material to choose from and I removed all the medium colours to promote a stronger light / dark contrast.
Now I wanted it done and ready to come with us on our holiday to the States to have it longarm quilted there. It would mark our time in a very special and unique way. I called the local quilt shops and was told there is a 6-8 week waiting list for longarm!
Well, this is a set back but I was still intent on having the flimsy ready. Right before the trip I got up early on Saturday and sewed the top together. And I learned yet another lesson. The rows are not identical there are two distinct different ways. Once I understood the concept the blocks quickly were sewn into a top. I laid it on the bed and I think I will add one more row in the length.

We took the Elna to the shop for a good clean out.  I have had it for 2 years now. We brought up the old 35-year Pfaff. Oh it still works and I am counting on it for my bag workshop end of October. But the Elna runs so much smoother and easier. My studio is cleaned up I hardly recognise it. I am taking some hand sewing along in case we run into bad weather.

Happy Quilting

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Quip Day in Augsburg

Yesterday I made a short stop at the tim where the annual quilting in public day was hosted by the local patchwork group Patch89. I was greeted by a tank covered with knitted and crocheted material.

Tank lovingly covered in knits

The group's Augsburg City Hall Quilt

New York Beauty on display

Bag - paisley on velvet

big roomy bag made from decoration material
latest design with 3D windmills
We ah and ooh-ed over the variety of bags and the skill with which zippers and pockets were made. She said she had held classes in the past and offered to do so again if desired. Yeah.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Africa moved into my living room

Here are my two new pillows. They look grand on the ole blue sofa. I am very rusty with sewing I suppose the break was too long.

Fun Fun Fun...I love elephants

Look what else big sized coasters for our new coffee table

Dinkelsbuehl May 2015

The guild show days are taking place in Dinkelsbühl in 2015 (Celle in 2016). We set out early on a rainy day to be the first visitors. We got there early so did many other eager quilters. There was a run at the entrance. And many men had come along as well.

My treasures

There were many interesting stores from all over Germany. We really focused on the African materials from Pamoja. The prints from South Africa and the rich bright colors are stunning. This is what came home with me

The elephants and Zebras are just beautiful I have a special plan for this material. Stay tuned. 

This is a small strip of wild animals hand printed in South Africa and a green "solid" that looks like a batik. Isn't it lovely? What would you use it for?

I could not resist the fat ladies or shall I call them fruity ladies? So summery and fresh. I brought a few of them home with me. 

There is a project to support women in Afghanistan. The woman hand stich various motives which get sold at art shows and quilt shows. In Dinkelsbuehl they exhibited a challenge where the stitchery was a leaf and the quilters / artists had to work at least one of these leaves into their "Quilt".* I found the story so interesting I brought a leaf home as well. Please read more on

The exhibition

I also found the challenge with the cotton pads very intriguing. 

Projekt Wattepad

Kleinformate der Gruppe (ZU)SAMMEN
Unter dem Namen "(ZU)SAMMEN" tritt eine Gruppe von Patchworkerinnen auf, die sowohl traditionell als auch experimentell arbeitet. Unter dem Titel "Stofflust" zeigt die Gruppe Arbeiten, die von Cécile Trentini inspiriert, aber dennoch verändert sind. Beibehalten wurden die Größe der neun Blöcke und die jeweils mittig aufgebrachten Wattepads. Die einzelnen Werke sind 30 x 30 cm groß. (excerpt from the guild website)

Many, many guild members had participated and contributed to the log cabin challenge with some stunning results.

In the main church Dear Jane quilts were shown and they really dressed up the building. I think they ought to hang there permanently. 

There was a section with 3-D quilts and me loving doll houses I was quite intrigued with this sewing room

And my love for dogs and amazement of turning photos into quilts let me to this by Nana

Ok that is all for today. Enough looking and buying back to doing.

Happy Quilting.

* These quilts were shown in Val d'argent in Sept 2014. How did we miss them my dear co traveller?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nothing new - Nichts Neues

Still in hibernation but I was told that my blog is deserted. How about this?

Also meine Liebe, da ich keine Zeit habe, für dich ein besonderes reizvolles Tutorial. Happy Tea time. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Mini -Tote

A mini tote to hold miscellaneous things which can be stuffed in a bike's saddle bags inspired by a miniature pink shopping bag.

nice seams and handles tugged under

French seam so there are no loose threads