Saturday, May 2, 2015

Africa moved into my living room

Here are my two new pillows. They look grand on the ole blue sofa. I am very rusty with sewing I suppose the break was too long.

Fun Fun Fun...I love elephants

Look what else big sized coasters for our new coffee table

Dinkelsbuehl May 2015

The guild show days are taking place in Dinkelsbühl in 2015 (Celle in 2016). We set out early on a rainy day to be the first visitors. We got there early so did many other eager quilters. There was a run at the entrance. And many men had come along as well.

My treasures

There were many interesting stores from all over Germany. We really focused on the African materials from Pamoja. The prints from South Africa and the rich bright colors are stunning. This is what came home with me

The elephants and Zebras are just beautiful I have a special plan for this material. Stay tuned. 

This is a small strip of wild animals hand printed in South Africa and a green "solid" that looks like a batik. Isn't it lovely? What would you use it for?

I could not resist the fat ladies or shall I call them fruity ladies? So summery and fresh. I brought a few of them home with me. 

There is a project to support women in Afghanistan. The woman hand stich various motives which get sold at art shows and quilt shows. In Dinkelsbuehl they exhibited a challenge where the stitchery was a leaf and the quilters / artists had to work at least one of these leaves into their "Quilt".* I found the story so interesting I brought a leaf home as well. Please read more on

The exhibition

I also found the challenge with the cotton pads very intriguing. 

Projekt Wattepad

Kleinformate der Gruppe (ZU)SAMMEN
Unter dem Namen "(ZU)SAMMEN" tritt eine Gruppe von Patchworkerinnen auf, die sowohl traditionell als auch experimentell arbeitet. Unter dem Titel "Stofflust" zeigt die Gruppe Arbeiten, die von Cécile Trentini inspiriert, aber dennoch verändert sind. Beibehalten wurden die Größe der neun Blöcke und die jeweils mittig aufgebrachten Wattepads. Die einzelnen Werke sind 30 x 30 cm groß. (excerpt from the guild website)

Many, many guild members had participated and contributed to the log cabin challenge with some stunning results.

In the main church Dear Jane quilts were shown and they really dressed up the building. I think they ought to hang there permanently. 

There was a section with 3-D quilts and me loving doll houses I was quite intrigued with this sewing room

And my love for dogs and amazement of turning photos into quilts let me to this by Nana

Ok that is all for today. Enough looking and buying back to doing.

Happy Quilting.

* These quilts were shown in Val d'argent in Sept 2014. How did we miss them my dear co traveller?