Mystery Quilt 2013

29 Oct 2013
This year I will do my best not only to follow but to sew Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. I followed the last two years just reading about it on her blog and all the buzz and excitement that went with it. I really enjoyed visiting some of the other quilter's blogs and their progress. In 2013 I want to finally join the fun.  I really like Bonnie's choice of color and the devotion to Ireland. Bonnie's explanations are so easy to follow, and I enjoy all the pics she adds to make her point. I am confident this will be a great learning experience. Will you be part of it?

02 Dec 2013  Clue #1
Today is the linky party. I made good progress. I have a total of 83 units done.

Clue #1

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09 Dec 2013 Clue #2
No whining. No complaining. No, I am neither done with clue 1 nor clue 2. But I am making very good progress. I cut so much material my arm hurts the old "war injury" acting up. I need to be careful. My sewing is so much more exact and it is a lot of fun. It is the prep work that is time consuming. I am very open to experiments this time I am mixing a lot of different fabric trusting Bonnie knows best. When I first glanced at the clue on Friday I was thinking 300 ups and 300 downs. The I realized it is only 100 each. Very doable. I am thinking of the quilter who is sewing half size and I wonder how tiny her bonus triangles are. Bonnie tossed hers, I am putting mine in a bag for now.

Clue #2
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15 Dec  Clue #3
I love windmills. I really do and I think these yellow / orange ones look so vibrant and happy. They are the tiniest windmills I ever made. I am really wondering how the quilt will come together.
Clue #3 went live on Friday. 25 windmills and 100 additional HST
I am almost done with Clue # 1 and making good progress on clue #2 which is very intense when it comes to cutting material.
Anyhow - this is my progress so far.

Clue # 3
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20 Dec Clue #4

Clue #4 went live. 4-patches. Yeah. 120 green / orange from 2" strips. Done this before. This should be doable. However, there is a pillow that needs to be finished as a Christmas present.  Ok before starting on the pillow I had to try to make some exact 4-patches. Yeah, thanks Bonnie I finally caught on and now I can spin the seam, tada,tada.  23 Dec 18 4-patches done perfectly spun the seams. Now that the Christmas presents are out of the way it will be full force ahead with celtic solstice. Bonnie are you sure about the color combination? 120 needed

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27 Dec Clue#5
Clue #5 using the leftover HST from clue #3 (mine were not done). Here are the first 6 units of 100. A bit tricky as the pieces like to stretch and move under the foot of the machine.

30 Dec - Dear Bonnie:
Thank you for the detailed instructions. I am learning so much. My 4-patches are turning out perfect and I can spin the seams. My star units from clue #1 are so much better than in 2011 when I made the Cathedral Stars in your class in Schönaich. I love the little windmills. And I completely underestimated the birds in the air. Thank for getting us on the right track there. But the chevrons....they are giving me and Judy a hard time. The linky parties are great and I received recognition and help. This is great fun.

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01 Jan 2014

Yeah the big reveal!!!

12 Jan 2014

I am still here but back to work with little time left to spend on my quilt.
Here are 9 finished blocks and the parts in progress

9 Blocks
 I am planning on using the chevrons to make the squares per Bonnie's design but also the alternate way thereby creating a sparkling star I am calling a diamond.

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This has been a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next link up.

26 Jan 2014

No time to sew the last two weeks. But today I sat down and made 28 birds in the air so now I can complete 7 Birthday Girl blocks.

birds in the air
02 Feb 2014

Last link today / this week. Here are my parts in order but not all sewn into blocks. I am targeting Christmas for the finish.

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17 Jul 2014

My Mystery Quilt is done. I have learned so much during this project, the chevrons were the hardest pieces to make. I learned about little pieces moving as if they had their own mind, colours and played a lot with the fancy stitches of my sewing mating. For the first time I used a thick poly batting and I like the fluffy and light feel but found it tricky to quilt. This has been a very special time. Thank out Bonnie for the fantastic instructions and hosting this fun event with quilters of all skill levels all over the world.

                                                                                           HAPPY QUILTING


Bonnie K Hunter said...

Thank you for sharing your link. Will you please include a link back to this post in your text above?

Thank you!
Bonnie Hunter

Renate511 said...

Oh wie toll Sadie - gut gemacht, weiterhin viel Spaß

Andee said...

Awesome! So glad you are jumping in on the fun!

bine said...

like your colours!

Gabi said...

Schön leuchtend, die Farben!

Vireya said...

It's looking good! I'm sure Bonnie knows what she is doing with the colours, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how she puts them all together.

Lisa Mikel said...

Love your units! Great job! I am finishing up step 4 and plan to link up again later tomorrow. Have a great day!

Birgit said...

Hallo Sadie, mir gefallen Deine Mystery-Blöcke gut. Ich bin auch dabei, Teil 3 und 4 sind fertig, Teil 5 angefangen, von den Teilen 1 und 2 habe ich alle zugeschnitten, aber noch nicht alle genäht.
Bin gespannt, wie derQuilt dann zum Schluss aussehen wird.

marinebull said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. This has been such an exciting quilt to make knowing that fellow quilters all over the world were working on it. You are making great progress in spite of being a working girl. I alternated my blocks as you are planning to do.

Andee said...

It looks great! I agree, I learn so much from Bonnie's mysteries and my quilting has gotten so much better! Love your borders...doesn't it feel great to have it done? Now we can look forward to the next mystery!

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